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Stripper Deck

The ‘Stripper deck’ or ‘Tapered deck’ is one of the most versatile and easiest to use gimmicked decks available.

Apparent miracles can be performed that credit the performer with amazing sleight of hand skills. The gimmicked deck allows the performer to locate any required card(s) with ease, even after being shuffled by a spectator.

The problem with commercially produced Stripper decks are the cuts! The tapers on these decks are very deep. Spectators cannot get close to or handle the deck, without instantly detecting its gimmicking!

The answer to this problem started life as an ‘underground secret’ used by professional card cheats: ‘Hand Cut Stripper Decks.’

Stripper Deck - Tools of the Trade

Each Hand Cut Stripper Deck starts life as a regular deck of cards. Each playing card is individually cut by hand, using an Eoin O’ Hare Jig. One of the very best professional card trimming devices available. (www.theperfectshuffle.com)

One of the beauties of this jig is that it uses a replaceable single edge razor blade to cut the deck. By always using a new blade for every deck of cards that I produce, I have the consistency of perfect crisp fine cuts that match a regular deck.

Fine cut

A fine cut of 1mm, tapering down to zero is correctly applied to one long side of the deck. The deepest part of the 1mm cut being taken from the non- index corner, of the face of the card. The cut is therefore less noticeable on the front of the card, as the cut out comes from a space on the card that is blank.

From the back of the playing card the taper is also very difficult to detect as you will see from the magnified photo below.

Difficult to detect

The card on the right has the taper applied to its righthand side.

Here’s what a 1mm cut playing card looks like when it is reversed in the Stripper deck, in an extremely magnified photo with the cards tightly squared.

A single reversed card

In performance this goes totally unnoticed, and the deck can be handled freely and shuffled by a spectator. Notice how the taper runs for just over a 1/3rd of the deck, making it even more deceptive and difficult to detect.

The 1mm cut also ensures that it is quite easy to strip one or several cards out of the deck at a time. A firm gentle touch is all that is required. If you have very dry hands you will find that moisturising the pads of your finger tips will make this even easier.

The hardest part of any hand cut Stripper Deck to perfect is the rounded corner. As the playing card is trimmed one corner is slightly cut, leaving a very small fine point. Without correction it stands out like a sore thumb and will be easily detected. The answer is to re cut the corner using a 3mm corner rounding machine.

Finding a robust 3mm professional corner rounder that leaves smooth edges and no tell-tale oil marks on the playing cards is no easy matter. After rejecting several of the very few models that are available I finally tracked down a vintage heavy-duty rounder from the USA.

Corners on my decks are clean, consistent and beautifully rounded. Each corner is individually cut, then further smoothed and buffed by hand to give the best possible finish.

The corners, close up

This is the way professional card cheats and hustlers have been producing their gaffed decks for 100’s of years!

I am now delighted to announce that I can supply magicians with ‘Hand Cut Stripper Decks’.

Available in either Red or Blue back Bicycle cards with a 1mm taper and rounded corners. Each deck is expertly produced and checked by myself and takes around 30 minutes to complete.

The cost including first class postage in the UK is £18. For international orders please email for shipping rates.

As a professional magician (see www.corporate-illusion.co.uk) I use these decks in my own work. I always have a good supply in stock and can normally ship in 24 – 48 hours. If I am working away, then I will always advise you of any possible shipping delays in advance.

Look like a card expert in minutes, rather than years!

The Reviews are in

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'The quality is superb!'

'These really are excellent! Just perfect.'

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'Excellent! Just perfect for my needs.'

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Our Guarantee

All our decks and cards are hand cut with real care. If for any reason you are not 100% delighted with your order simply let us know.
We offer a full money-back guarantee.

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Hand Cut
Stripper Deck


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Hand Cut
Stripper Deck


(Red Bicycle backs)
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If you prefer to use a non-Bicycle playing cards, marked cards etc., this is not a problem. I can custom cut a deck of your choice, to the above specifications. Please contact me, David Diamond for a quote. Email: david@handcut-stripperdecks.co.uk

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