The Breather Deck

Custom made in the UK

(With Kind Permission of Eoin O’Hare.) 

The Breather deck is one of the most deceptive, underground gimmicked decks available to magicians today. It is designed for locating a card(s) from a genuine shuffled deck, without any sleight of hand whatsoever.

Think of it as a one-way deck, like a Stripper deck. Any playing card having its orientation reversed in the pack, can be located with ease. However, this is where the similarity to a Stripper deck ends.

Any spectator/ magician who is aware of the Stripper deck principle could examine these cards to their heart's content and find nothing!

There are no tapered edges, the gimmicking is about as invisible to the naked eye as you will ever get. Yet the deck is so simple and easy to use!

Breather Deck - Tools of the Trade

The deck is produced by hand on a Breather Jig, the brainchild of master jig maker Eoin O’Hare. (Visit Eoin’s website to find out exactly how the jig works.)

An offset breather crimp, (a small shallow indentation,) is embossed onto every playing card, towards one end. As it is an internal crimp it does not affect the edges of the playing cards.

Look at the photos below, the camera can see nothing, yet you are looking directly at the gimmicked cards and deck.

Virtually impossible to detect

Each card with its breather crimp applied, sits perfectly one on top of another. A deck of 52 gimmicked cards. Any card turned end to end in the deck will form a small break, allowing you to cut directly to it.

Magnified view of the break

There is also less friction between the reversed and non-reversed cards. Give the deck a sharp tap, and the cards will instantly separate at the break.

Watch the video below for some different possibilities to locate a card from a shuffled deck.

The Reviews are in

'I have been involved in magic now for over 50 years. Over that time, I have seen countless masses of gimmicked and fake decks, however, I must admit that the ‘Breather Deck’ David Diamond produces is up there with the absolute best I’ve ever seen. The precision work that David has put into these decks is phenomenal! Once this deck is in your hands, you will be able to work mind-blowing miracles. This deck is gold dust to any discerning magician or mentalist, and to that end, is worth many times the asking price. Anyone who is truly serious about their card work, cannot afford to be without this deck. Sincerely, this deck is one of my most prized possessions. I absolutely love it, and I cannot recommend it highly enough! A MUST BUY!'

'I have fried magicians and laymen alike with David’s Breather deck. The gimmicking of the deck is so subtle and invisible it flies by everyone! When I am asked for “one more trick,” this is my go-to deck! Precision made and highly recommended.'

'Absolutely delighted with the deck. The quality of your work is brilliant.
I am very happy!'

'The breather deck is exceptionally good, many possibilities.'

Breather decks are produced with the same care and attention to detail that our Hand Cut Stripper Decks are famous for. You will receive a perfectly produced deck every time.

Available in either Blue or Red Bicycles as standard at £15 per deck, including first class postage for UK orders. For International orders please email for shipping rates.

If you would prefer a non-Bicycle or marked Breather Deck this is not a problem. I can custom make a deck to your exact requirements. Please email for cost

Breather Deck


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Breather Deck


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